Wildly Wyoming

Wildly Wyoming
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Story + Strategy

The mandate: Explore the lesser known corners of Wyoming with a diverse group of adventurers. The Trick? Getting Viewers to care. The Solution? Create a series of challenges with REAL stakes, with $70K going to charitable organizations of the winners choosing. What started out as three teams traveling 3,107 miles across the state of Wyoming; ended up as a genuine journey of discovery
days of production
Challenge Points Awarded

No Embargos

The stars of Wildly Wyoming are experts when it comes to sharing their lives with their
online communities. Having them post daily during the shoot to hype up the release was a
huge W. More intrigue in the lead-up = more eyeballs.


KG of Carbon Offset


Total Legal Docs & Releases

Fun facts

What makes a Boombox production special are the actual Boomboxes. Kidding, you know it’s the people. We take pride into curating the best crew on the planet from selecting, training and briefing.
Chris "Drive Time" Soucy was the silent backbone of this production. Managing multiple teams’ footage (12TB if you’re curious) meant he lost a fair bit of sleep.
I think we all shed a few tears after meeting Joe and the Teton Adaptive team! We loved being able to weave the amazing work that each of them are doing on the ground into the overall storyline.

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