If the typical Broadcast aspires for maximum shininess and perfection, Polished Scuff is the antithesis: beautifully (and authentically) imperfect. Pulling it off requires injecting the right amount of rawness and realism into the show.  Our secret sauce?  It’s slathered across our live Gaming & Sports streams and is all about elevating traditional broadcasts towards a more interactive, creator driven experience that embraces (and innovates around) how your audience consumes content.  


The lovechild of tradtional broadcasts + Twitch
You can’t actually “produce” like traditional TV - instead you have to create the foundation (and environment) for the Creators and then give them space to do what they do best.
It's all about Access
The best examples of Polished Scuff give the viewers a look into a world they normally wouldn’t have access to. It’s places where “hair is let down” and ranges from streamer’s bedroom to the athlete lounge at X Games. 
Giving the viewers a voice
Polished Scuff is Viewer Influenced. It’s all about acknowledging the viewers and even occasionally letting them determine the show’s direction.
Data → Insight → Strategy → Creative
Data is the only way to truly know if your storytelling is successful. Our approach to analytics helps you understand which audiences you're reaching AND how your content is performing relative to your competitors.

Strategy +

Creative +

Simple Budgeting =


a better way of creating your brand's storytelling

  • Quarterly + Annual Content Planning (with both creative + data driven strategies)
  • Flexible, quarterly Content Blocks
  • An easy to understand per minute approach to content creation
  • Pre & Post release strategic analysis and reporting
  • An easy to access content library where you can view/download/share your content anytime, in any format

content management made easy

Organized and intuitive - your brand's content portal gives you access to all the versions, all the time.  Want to use as asset in a presentation or a social campaign?  You're just a couple clicks away.  All your Storytelling is right there on your own secure platform - forever!

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