Pinkbike Academy

Pinkbike Academy
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Remixing a winning format for a new demographic

In a sport flooded in content, the team at Pinkbike realized that'd need something unique if they wanted to stand apart and engage their dedicated (but ultra discerning) audience. As ubiquitous as the reality show format has become in the broader TV landscape - it had actually never been pulled off in the two wheeled space (shocker amiright?!?!?) From the jump we were tasked with a delicate balancing act - attract new viewers to the Pinkbike ecosystem while keeping the series ultra credible with their existing core MTB audience.
British Columbia, Canada
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Foundation of fast

Capturing the action was actually the most straight forward part of the production. Before we thought about story arc or even rolled on a single frame, we were tasked with creating the framework of the actual competition. Working alongside the team at Pinkbike, we handled the full gamut of production elements: from contestant selection, challenge & race course design, right through managing the electronics like race timing and GPS tracking. Everything from arranging competitor visas to travel


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Individual graphic elements were created for SE2

Fun facts

SE1 took place under COVID restrictions -with an international looking cast, sourced locally. SE2 involved a fully international roster of riders.
4,227 kg of carbon from transportation used by the crew at PBA S2 was completely offset
SE1 & SE2 winners have both made the jump to racing at the pointy end of the Enduro World Series

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