Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra
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With the internet overflowing with "train harder, no pain, no gain" running content, our friends at Michelob Ultra were looking to go in another direction. Enter Molly Seidel. In a sport that has an OCD like focus on marginal gains, Molly breaks the stereotype with a laid back attitude and a sly sense of humor. Working directly with the AB InBev team we designed a content series leading up to the Boston Marathon - focused on Molly's down to earth approach to running (really really) fast
AB InBev
Boston - Flagstaff
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The human side of elite performance

Taking a social first/athlete first approach, we designed content that Molly could comfortably share through her personal channels as she prepared to compete in Boston. Onsite at the race, things didn't go according to plan for the Olympic medalist, but from a content perspective we were able to showcase the very human side of elite athletes (again via Molly's channel) and generated even more engagement than a win would have likely produced.


# of spots on the point to point Boston Marathon course we had access to for image capture


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Fun facts

Molly was a barista in Boston and almost didn’t get her shift covered the day she ran Olympic trials.
BUT Molly did get the shift covered and in her first-ever marathon placed second at the 2020 U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials.
Producer Romain 'Lettuce' Dompnier is Boombox's fastest runner. He did NOT place second at the U.S. Olympic trials

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