Fast Life

Fast Life
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Groundbreaking creative storytelling WHICH set the bar for the sport

Often referred to as mountain biking's "Drive to Survive," Fast Life started off as a simple idea: tell the stories of Downhill racer Loic Bruni and Cross Country athlete Kate Courtney. From that seed of an idea from Specialized bicycles and Red Bull Media House we got to work. The mountain bike content space is super sophisticated (and extremely crowded) so we knew that if we wanted to cut through the noise our new series would have to be something special.
Red Bull
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days of production
28 individual shoots
Favorite Rider
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Leaning into the Data

Creative storytelling was going to be key to breaking through, but as important would be using data to craft the flow of each episode. Best practice at the time (the series began in 2018 and things have evolved) was to lead each episode with a sticky cold open. The strategy around the first 15 seconds was a hyper focus on building clear intros that hold retention, engaging viewers with a concise premise. Think action + cliffhanger


The sweet spot of episodes per season


total # of episodes of 5 seasons

Fun facts

We come up with the episode themes before the season starts - but the on track drama is 100% on the athletes
During Season Three, both Loic and Kate claimed the highest honor in the sport: the UCI World Cup Overall
We were forced to switch female narrators for Season Five. No one in the comments appeared to notice

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