F1 x Zamboni

F1 x Zamboni
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We take our Zamboni Racing VERY seriously

Two Zambonis, two F1 drivers, an NHL defenseman, and an Olympic snowboard gold medalist walk into Montreal's Olympic Stadium. What sounds like that start of a questionable joke is actually the list of ingredients for some surprisingly compelling racing action.
Red Bull Canada
days of production
Million Views (and counting)

Sweating the Small Stuff

Ever driven a Zamboni? We've sourced them. The iconic Montreal location? Permitted by yours truly. And the course? Designed by our genius minds. We love to sweat the small stuff and on this shoot we weren't just behind the camera, we were behind almost EVERYTHING that made the idea a reality. With different deliverables across Youtube, IG and TikTok, everything was timed to take maximum advantage of the F1 hype cycle - rocketing itself into number 10 on Youtube's trending charts.


MPH (Max speed of a Zamboni)


Hours from Talent arrival on set to publication on Youtube

Fun facts

Unsurprisingly - F1 Drivers cannot be trusted to drive any vehicle "conservatively"
Despite the Zamboni designs coming in hot (24 hours before the shoot), both the liveries ended up incredibly cool
Prior to the shoot, Red Bull Racing's Sergio Perez had never tried a Poutine

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