Some of our projects

logo-xgamesESPN X GAMES

  • flag_usa-1ASPEN COLORADO
  • flag_usa-1AUSTIN, TEXAS

The Gold Standard in all things Action Sport. It’s where we cut our teeth back in 1998 – and it remains the well we still draw on for inspiration. X Games is a breeding ground for excellence: from the athletes AND from the Production Teams – both committed to Progression. We’re stoked to be involved.


  • flag_france-1LES DEUX ALPES, FRANCE
  • flag_canada-1WHISTLER, BC

The best event in the Mountain Bike universe and we’re not just saying that ’cause we’ve been handling webcasting and live event duties for nearly 10 years now. If you’re into MTB (and we are!) these events are the highlight of the summer. Say it with me, “shirts off on the rock, shirts off on the rock!”

logo-rbcrashediceRED BULL CRASHED ICE

  • flag_usa-1ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA
  • flag_canada-1QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC
  • flag_finlandHELSINKI, FINLAND

Now on Fox Sports 1 as part of the Red Bull World Series, we’ve flexed our creative muscles crafting features on the athletes, courses and competition surrounding this iconic event for the past 3 years


  • flag_canada-1LAKE LOUISE, ALBERTA

When the world comes to your resort to compete, it takes a World Feed for people to see the live action. Covering the action mid winter in the Rocky Mountains is not for the faint of heart. Luckily our crew are heartless bastards. (just checking if anyone actually reads this stuff?)
And, when the racing is over, and the satellite feed is closed, we’re left with the question: What’s more gratifying – having your work seen in 30 countries? Or getting a massive High Five from your client? #1stWorldproblems

logo-rbfrozenrushRED BULL FROZEN RUSH

  • flag_usa-1SUNDAY RIVER, MAINE

There is nothing like the smell of Race Fuel in the morning. This first of its kind event served as the kick-off for the new season of the Red Bull Signatures Series on NBC and we had the privilege of producing both the Television and Live onsite productions. Sound fun? It was. Did we mention 950 horsepower trucks on snow. What’s that? We can’t hear you…the engines are still ringing in our ears.

logo-dewtourDEW TOUR

  • flag_usa-1OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND

Remember the time we started off handling Live Event duties for the Dew Tour – and they thought we were really cool so they let us also do a bunch of rad features and live webcasting for them? That was awesome. Still is.


  • flag_austriaERZBERG, AUSTRIA

If Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome had a climatic Enduro motorcycling racing scene where Max grabbed a two stroke and had to out run 500 other dudes on bikes over the craziest terrain possible – the Hare Scramble would be it!

See it and you will believe it – and millions now have, thanks to the show airing on NBC.



Millions play the Game, and each year in LA the best play for a Million in Prize money with, you guessed it, Millions watching the 3 days of webcasting online. See what we did there?

logo-rbxfightersRED BULL X-FIGHTERS

  • flag_spainMADRID SPAIN
  • flag_turkeyISTANBUL, TURKEY
  • flag_united_arab_emiratesDUBAI, UAE

The biggest names in Freestyle Moto enter the arena and go head to head until there is only 1 left standing victorious. Fans use chain saws as noisemakers. Iconic locations like Madrid’s bull fighting ring provide the backdrop. And we run around like kids in a candy store, producing overcranked silky smooth images of all the action for the NBC broadcasts. How do you land a double back flip on a big 4 stroke MX bike? We’ve learned it has something to do with oversized balls.


  • flag_austriaLEOGANG, AUSTRIA

When the MTB world wants a high end Webcast we’ve earned enough street cred over the years to, more often than not, be their first call.

In reality there were more than 26 Tricks thrown down during the webcast. (The number 26 was of course in reference to the preferred wheel size on the FMB World Tour) We told you earlier we were heavily into MTB right?

logo-rbbattlegroundsRED BULL BATTLEGROUNDS

  • flag_usa-1NEW YORK, NEW YORK

When it came time for Red Bull to make their mark in the burgeoning world of eSport – they did it with a bang.
In typical Red Bull style they took the best athletes and combined them in an innovative competition format that set the interwebs on fire. Naturally, we were onsite pouring gasoline on said fire via webcast.