Call of Duty Championships

Call of Duty is arguably the biggest entertainment franchise in the World. (and we don’t like to argue) For the 4th year in a row, we’ve worked with our friends at NCompass to produce the Superbowl of the FPS world.

See what we did there?


Mountain Biking’s best make the pilgrimage to a wild stretch of Utah desert in an effort to re-set the boundaries of the impossible. For 6 years, along with our friends at Freeride Entertainment, we’ve been responsible for producing the Live Broadcast. It means brining technique, toys and teamwork to the table in a very remote location making it dusty, tough and a lot of fun.

Lucas Oil MX – The Starting Gate

Motocross fans are hardcore (we should know – we’re some of them!) When NBC Sports hit us up to design, create & produce a Pre-Show aimed at MX Super-fans it was pretty pretty easy – “Build a show full of stuff we’d want to watch.” From concept thru creation we worked with both NBC and Lucas Oil to create a product that’s full gas right out of the Starting Gate.

See what we did there?

Crankworx World Tour

With 4 stops in the World’s premier riding destinations Crankworx is pretty much the best event in the Mountain Bike universe ( and we’re not saying that ‘cause we’ve been handling Broadcasting duties for nearly 11 years now; we’re saying it because we all live to ride) and CWX features the top athletes in the top locations.


ESPN X Games

Its’ where we cut our teeth back in 1998 – and it remains a feeding ground for excellence: from the athletes AND from Production Teams. Live Event Production, Webcasts and Features.
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Clash Royale King’s Cup

It doesn’t get much more new school than an addicting mobile game morphing into a world wide competitive phenomenon. Working with our friends at Youtube and NCompass we produced a Broadcast that proved that eSport can match the level of competition, quality, and viewing numbers, of pretty much any Sport out there.

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Red Bull Hare Scramble

If Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome had a climatic motorcycling scene where Max grabbed a two stroke and had to out run 500 other dudes over the craziest terrain possible – the Hare Scramble would be it!

See it and believe it.

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Now on Fox Sports 1, we’ve flexed our creative muscles crafting Features (and a Web-Series) on the athletes, courses and competition surrounding this iconic event.

Some things are just better below zero