We do one thing and our goal is to do it best

We do sports

If it rolls, slides down a mountain, flies through the air, OR if there is a competitive element to it – consider us interested (both personally and professionally)

Television Shows? Yup.
Webcasts? Yes.
Branded Feature Content? Of Course.

As long as its a Sport or a Game – we’re in.

Some of our favorite Sports here at Boombox HQ are Mountain Biking, Motocross, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Ultimate Frisbee, Surfing, Soccer, and some other’s we’re probably forgetting. And we’re always interested in picking up something new.


Our outlook means that we don’t do every project that comes our way BUT every project we do take on, we do wide open. Our Philosophy means that our capabilities and personalities will mesh nicely with yours or else we wouldn’t do it. (After all – life is too short to spend it with assholes)

20 Robert, Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R6
Phone: 514.868.8128
E-mail: shoutout@boomboxgroup.com